A Taxi is a Rocketship

“In New York City, weekends are an adventure.  

The first thing I do when I step outside is admire Oliver, the gingko tree that lives outside my building.

I always see something new when I look at his bark.  

A tree is a masterpiece.

My mom drives a yellow taxi and on Saturdays we drive together doing errands and listening to the car radio.  

First stop is the diner for breakfast where we eat like animals.    

I get my usual, two scrambled eggs and toast.

A diner is a zoo...”

—Dahlia El Broul


Johnny Crow’s Garden

“Johnny Crow
Would dig and sow
Till he made a little Garden.

And the Lion
Had a green and yellow tie on
In Johnny Crow’s Garden.

And the Rat
Wore a Feather in his Hat

But the Bear
Had nothing to wear...”

—Leonard Leslie Brooke


While We Snooze and Snore

“At night, when many like to rest,
It’s the time that some like best.

Lots of creatures chirp and play,
Hunt and eat and run by day.

But raccoons and possums
climb and scout,
When the sparkling
stars come out...

Caterpillars munch
on leaves,
As moonlight shines
down on the trees.

Lightning bugs blink in the sky,
Like tiny stars dancing by...”

—Christine Sawinski


Big Top Kids

“One day Herman decided to try. And so did they all.”

—Dahlia El broul


A Pig From the Stars and Other Stories

“To scheme by night and under the stars causes worry, fright, and unknown scars”

—Rovio Entertainment Oy

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